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What is RayTK Engine?

RayTK Engine is a companion product that improves the process of creating content with RayTK.

By separating rendering into an external process, it allows the main TouchDesigner instance to remain responsive while the shader recompiles as changes are made.


Why is RayTK Engine useful?

In order to render scenes using raymarching, RayTK generates large, complex GLSL shaders. Those shaders need to be compiled by the GPU whenever the code changes, which can take a long time, especially for complex scenes.

During the creation process, as users add and remove operators, and make certain types of changes, the shader needs to update.

Unfortunately while that's happening, the whole TouchDesigner interface stalls.

RayTK engine works around this by moving the rendering work into a separate process. This allows the user to continue working on their scene while the shader recompiles in the background.

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