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RayTKpril Challenge

In the spirit of Genuary, RayTKpril challenges artists to use RayTK to create art with a month of daily prompts in April 2024. The challenge is an opportunity for the RayTK artist community to stretch their capabilities, show off their skills and learn from each other's creations.

​Follow the #raytkpril hashtag to see what the RayTK community creates!

How to Participate

Each day, take a look at this page to see what the day's prompt is. More prompts will be added as the month progresses.

Use RayTK to create something based on that idea.

Post an image or video of what you created on social media, using the hashtags below.

Don't worry if you miss a day! Have fun and make some neat stuff!




#raytkpril1 (or #raykpril2 or whichever day it is)

Also tag @t3kt (Instagram) or @int3kt (Facebook) since their hashtag search isn't reliable.


On Friday each week in April, another week of new prompts will be posted.

Prompts can involve using a particular operator / feature, using a certain technique, or some sort of aesthetic inspiration or goal.


Not sure how to approach a particular prompt?

Check through the tutorials on YouTube for inspiration and techniques.

Post questions in the #raytk Discord channel.

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